Wednesday Night

It’s technically Thursday morning at this point but who’s noticing?

I am going through the typical first week of classes where I am

  • adding classes
  • dropping other classes
  • spending obscene amounts of money on textbooks
  • questioning every academic or other choice I have made
  • wanted to hate my professors
  • gotten drunk
  • did homework

But yeah. it’s the usual.  I wouldn’t trade any other experience for this though.  I’d like to do a study abroad at some point in the next two years but I don’t think I can realistically do that and finish on time.  But a girl can dream.

Thanks for reading <3

Let Me Introduce Myself

I have an agitation at my own title right now because I hate giving this first post such a generic, lame, cliche, whatever title. This is also just a post in the transient trail of thoughts in my head.

But enough of the pretentious English major (uh-oh) in me.


My name is Christi and this is my umpteenth attempt at a blog. I always want to start blogs that have a purpose or point, but as I learned in a class of mine last spring, not every thing has to have a purpose, point, argument, or anything along the lines of trying to win you over.

I tend to speak in tangents and to speak formally online. No matter what anyone tells me, I will always treat writing I can see as formal (to an extent). I attend Rutgers University. I can be complicated and simple depending on my mood which will depend on many other factors (the weather, what I eat, my housemates, my environment, you’ll see).  

This is getting somewhat long so I’ll pause for now. Hopefully at least one person will end up reading this so it doesn’t feel like a weird diary…